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12” Kangaroo Sticks

12” Kangaroo Sticks

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  • Hypoallergenic Protein
  • Low in Fat
  • Packed with Protein, Iron and Zinc

If you’re buying snacks for your dog, you need to look for healthy options. This is where our Kangaroo Sticks come in handy. The sticks are a chewy treat for dogs that will keep them busy and satisfied. They can also help with your dog’s dental hygiene, by dislodging tartar and plaque from their teeth. They’re quite soft, meaning that they won’t damage your pups teeth and gums, even if it becomes their favorite new treat!

This low-fat, delicious treat is made with 100% Kangaroo meat – something that your dog will appreciate. Jam-packed with necessary nutrients like zinc, iron, and protein, they are perfect for dogs of all sizes. What’s more, these low-fat treats have no artificial colors, preservatives, or harmful ingredients in the formula, which means that your dog will be safe, healthy, and satisfied the whole time they’re chowing down.

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