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6" Beef Trachea - 5 Pack

6" Beef Trachea - 5 Pack

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  • 100% Free-Range Canadian Beef
  • High in Protein
  • Long-Lasting Chewy Treat

A delicious treat that your pup can enjoy all to themselves! Our Beef Trachea treats are made with 100% Canadian beef that can be traced back to the source. These all-natural dog treats are perfect for small to medium-sized dogs. They are long-lasting, chewy treats without any additives, preservatives, sugar, or colors.

These all-natural treats can also help improve a dog’s overall dental health, since they dislodge any plaque or tartar gathered around the dog’s gums and teeth. They are jam-packed with necessary nutrients to ensure healthy joints, which makes them quite beneficial for older dogs. The beef windpipes are also designed in a way that you can fill them with other healthy treats like vegetables, cottage cheese, and ground-up raw meat.

They taste great and have a crunch that all dogs absolutely adore. They are low in fat and high in protein; they are made with a single ingredient from free-range Canadian beef and are easy to digest, unlike rawhides and preservative-filled treats.