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Beef Liver
Beef Liver

Beef Liver

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Best quality Premium Beef Liver treats ever! Thin and easy to break.

Firstly, you can be sure that our Beef Liver dog treats contain only the highest quality 100% natural Canadian beef. They are rich in protein, so your dog stays strong and fit. Like all of our treats, they contain no preservatives or added sugar, so you know your dog is eating high-quality meat.

Secondly, Beef liver is a favourite among dogs. They will certainly benefit from the healthy fats and vitamin A that these treats are rich in. Plus, they contain iron, copper and zinc, all vital for healthy dogs. Cats love them too!

Beef Liver treats make some of the best training treats you can get your hands on for your pooch. They are easy to break up, being thin enough they can be broken up without difficulty, into training sized pieces. Plus you’ll reward them with all of the vital health benefits found in Beef Liver.

Ingredients: 100% Canadian Beef
Nutritional: Protein 80%, Fat 2%, Moisture 12%

No preservatives, additives, colours or anything else!

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